Interested in joining the Cairns Animal Rescue team? We’re always looking for new foster carers and would love to have you on board.

Fostering dogs is highly rewarding, but it can also be a lot of work. You’ll need a love of animals and the time and patience to care for dogs that may have come from less-than-ideal circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a suitable carer?

You’ll need a love of animals, time and patience to be a foster carer. Often these animals come from less-than-ideal circumstances and need lots of TLC.

What are my responsibilities as a foster carer?

Patience, willingness and a commitment to work with your foster dog to help them develop their basic training. You’ll need to provide food, water, bedding and a safe, secure and loving environment until we can match them with a suitable family.

Will I have support?

Absolutely. Cairns Animal Rescue are a family and we’re always helping each other out. We have a private Facebook group and chat with all the carers to ask questions, share experiences – but mostly just send each other dog photos!

Do I need to buy anything for them?

Generally we just ask you to provide their day-to-day needs, like food and water, a collar, bedding, bowls and a loving environment. We often receive donations and we share this among our foster carers whenever we can.

How long will they stay with me?

Every dog is different, and they normally stay with the foster carer until they are adopted. You could have them for as little as 2 weeks, or as long as 18 months or more.

What if they need a vet?

All vet care and medications are covered by the rescue, using our preferred vet clinic. You will not be out of pocket for any vet care. Procedures will be explained further as part of your Foster Carer pack.

Do I need to worm them?

Yes, we track all our dogs in care and keep records of when they require worming. The Rescue will provide you with worming medications for the foster dog/s. You will need to keep your own dogs wormed.

Do we have a say over who adopts the dog?

Absolutely. You put so much love and effort into healing your foster dog, you know them best and you have a say when it comes to finding the right home for them.

What if I already have a dog?

This is great. When another dog is in the house, it helps with socialisation and your observation of the animal’s behaviour.

If you already have two dogs, we work with the Council to keep them informed of our foster animals. If you receive a letter or complaint, notify the team to help clear up any issues with the Council.

Is my house suitable for a foster dog?

A secure yard is essential for the safety of the animal and the public.

If you are renting, you’ll need written permission from the landlord.

What if we want to adopt them?

We call this a Foster Fail, and most of us have done it!

If you want to adopt the dog, let us know, and we’ll stop advertising them and start the usual adoption process.

Are the dogs allowed inside?

Of course! Sometimes these dogs have only ever known a concrete slab and a chain! We want them to feel loved and a part of the family.

I can't foster, but I'd still like to help.

Thank you! If you’d like to donate, know that 100% of your generosity benefits the animals we rescue. We’re always looking for towels, bedding, blankets and food donations. Nothing is too little, we and the animals appreciate it!