Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. Of course, if this doesn’t answer your question, get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m in love! What is the adoption process?

That is fantastic news! We cannot wait to hear from you! We ask you to fill out the adoption form that you will find in our files. This will include photos of your yard and other important information that we need. If you are successful with your adoption, we will be in contact with the great news! Please note, sometimes we receive many applications for the one dog, we do not pick first in, we pick who is the best match for our dogs, so that they can be in their right furever home.

I am interstate, can I adopt?

You sure can! Please fill out an application form, stating you are an interstate interest. All cost involved of flights is on the adopter. We recommend and use Dogtainers Cairns when transporting our animals. We will arrange for a quote on your behalf to be sent to you.

I have another dog; can they meet first?

Absolutely! We love that you want to introduce your other dog to their perspective fur brother/sister. We recommend you having a meet and greet with the dog first and arranging a second visit for your dogs to meet their potential brother/sister We like to do this on neutral ground, meeting at a park where both dogs can feel comfortable without protecting their territory. Please discuss with the team when you enquire and make the foster carer aware of your request, so this can be arranged. Please note, if puppies have not completed their vaccinations, they will not be able to meet their potential brother/sister until they have.

Can I ask for updates from the carers once we have been approved?

Absolutely! We love that you care so much for your new fur baby and want updates! Our carers are more than happy to send you updates!

If we are successful with our application, can we pay off the dog?

No sorry. We believe having the funds to pay for your new family member, is a part of showing that you are financially stable to support your new addition.

Can we pay for the puppy and pick up in a few weeks?

Unfortunately, no sorry. Because we are a rescue, we always have new dogs coming into care and are usually at capacity. If we hold onto a dog, that takes room away from another save. But please contact us to discuss, we may be able to assist you.

Can we do a meet & greet in our home overnight?

No sorry, we are sure you can understand our dogs in care need a safe, stable home, as most come from broken backgrounds. Taking them out of their foster carers for a night can sometimes be more harmful to their confidence.

Do I need to change the microchip registration, or does the rescue do that?

Yes. There is a transfer of microchip form that is included in your adoption pack, that you will need to fill out and lodge with Australian Animal Registry (AAR).

Do I need to register them?

Yes. There is a council registration form that is included in your adoption pack, that you can complete and lodge with your local council or we can help you by lodging this on your behalf.

Is there a “cooling off” period?

Yes. There is a 2-week (14 day) cooling off period if things do not work out and you want to bring the dog back.

What happens if we change our mind or our situation changes, and we can no longer keep the dog?

We understand sometimes things just do not workout. We have a lifetime return policy! So please contact us and we will be happy to bring the dog back into our care.

Can I get my dogs history?

No sorry. We can only give you what we have. Sometimes we are able to give some history if the previous owner has surrendered them, but most of the time our dogs come from situations where we just do not have any history on them. Besides, it is all about a new life, new beginnings, who needs to remember the past!

Do they have to be de-sexed?

Yes. All dogs will come desexed unless too young and then will be done when old enough. We hope you can understand as a rescue, we have so many animals that come to us from all different situations that could have been avoided if their mum were desexed. There are just too many dogs out there now!

Do they get all their vaccinations before we pick them up?

Most of the time yes. Sometimes if you are taking a puppy or younger dog, they may need to complete their vaccinations. If this is the case, we will arrange an appointment at our preferred vet clinic, where you will be responsible to take them to their appointment to complete their vaccination. Vaccination cards will be given to you at time of adoption.

Where are the dogs coming from?

Our dogs may come from the pound after doing their stray time, they could be surrendered, come from communities, which we like to call FNQ specials! Basically, anywhere, and everywhere!

Will they come with their bed, lead, collar?

No sorry they do not. As these everyday items become expensive to continually buy, they are normally supplied by the rescue or out of the foster carers own pocket, so we hold onto these for the next rescue in care. In some instances, collars or a favourite toy, may go with the dog, but we are sure you have brought a whole lot of new things for your new fur baby and do not need ours!

How long till they settle in?

How long is a piece of string! Just like humans, dogs are all different and can take as little as a week, or even up to 3 months to settle in and feel at home. There is no right answer, you just have to take it day by day while building that bond with your new addition! Remember time heals all wounds!

Why are you putting them in a crate?

Some people may fear or get upset when seeing a crate. Crates are actually great for giving dogs their own quiet space and for time out. The safety of a crate can help many anxious dogs to cope in situations where they normally could not. This is why we use crates in rescue and some of us with our own dogs. You can choose to use a crate or not when you take your new addition home. Although it is recommended if you are not, make sure they have a space that they know is theirs, that they can retreat to if they are feeling overwhelmed.

When can I take my new pup to the beach?

Puppies are not completely covered by their vaccinations until 10 days after their second dose. We recommended to keep your puppy safe at home in their own yard/environment until they are strong and covered by their vaccinations. Then the world is their playground, and you two can have many adventures together!

Can we go straight to Goomboora?

Again, if you are adopting a puppy that is not completely vaccinated, they will need to do their quarantine time at home until they are. Once completed they can go to Goomboora! Some dogs do great with the social interactions at a dog park, where others do not, so small steps at a time are a great way to introduce new environments.

How do I change them over to the food we will be feeding them?

Generally, its best to keep them on the same food they have been eating with their carer for about 2 weeks while you gradually transition them onto their new foods. This will allow time for their belly to get use to the new foods and less likely to have upset tummies.