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Pet Adoption Contract

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    Animal Details

    Pet Registration:
    As an approved rehoming agent for Cairns Regional Council, Cairns Animal Rescue Inc have been given the ability to complete and collect the initial registration fees associated with your adoption. The fees collected are donated to us by the Council. Please indicate if you would like this to be added to your invoice.

    Adopter Details

    I,(Adopter), hereby swear and attest that the
    following information is true and will be followed to the best of my abilities concerning the adoption of the pet listed above
    (hereafter referred to as “the pet”):

    • I am adopting the pet solely as a domestic pet for myself and/or my family. I will not use the animal for any illegal activity including fighting.
    • I will keep my pet up-to-date on all vaccinations.
    • I will make sure that the pet has enough food and water to maintain a healthy weight.
    • I will make sure the pet has adequate shelter.
    • I will ensure that the pet gets the necessary amount of daily exercise.
    • I will never let my pet outside unless it is wearing its proper identification.
    • I will obey all laws concerning leashes and waste removal.
    • I will train the pet so it will not harm others.
    • If the adoption doesn’t work out, I agree to offer the pet back to Cairns Animal Rescue before seeking another placement.
    • The seller will have 14 days to reacquire the pet.
    • I will pay the fee of $in order to cover the cost of initial immunisation, heart & intestinal worming prevention, flea & tick prevention, neutering/spaying.
    • I understand that no guarantee is made regarding health or temperament of this pet.
    • I am aware that if I forfeit this adoption for ANY reason, a penalty of 20% of the adoption fee will be held by Cairns Animal Rescue.
    • I understand that the seller is not liable for any action taken by the pet.
    Adopters Name and Signature:
    Email Address: