Adopting a rescue dog is a very rewarding experience. Not only are you gaining a new family member, but you’re rescuing an animal from less-than-ideal circumstances.

We like to think they appreciate their new family more when they’re a rescue.

Adoption Fees

Puppies (under 6 months)
Dogs (6 months - 6 years)
Seniors (6+ years)


Your adoption fees include de-sexing, C5 vaccinations, micro-chip and preventative treatment for fleas, ticks and worms.

All Cairns Animal Rescue dogs will be desexed. As a rescue, we have animals come into our care from situations that could have been avoided if the parents were desexed.

Puppies are not completely covered by their vaccinations until 10 days after their second dose. We recommend you keep your puppy safe at home until they are completely protected by the vaccinations. 

Feed Guide

We’ve put together an essential guide to nurturing your newest family member!

Our Feed Guide is a comprehensive resource-packed guide with invaluable tips and insights. Discover the best fresh foods and vegetables to keep your new friend thriving, alongside crucial advice on what to avoid for their health and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have another dog - can they meet first?

Absolutely, this is encouraged.

We recommend you meet the dog first, and arrange a second visit with your dog/s. It’s a good idea for the meeting to be in a neutral environment, where both dogs can feel comfortable without being territorial.

Please note – if puppies have not completed their vaccinations, they will not be able to meet your dogs until they are fully vaccinated.

I am interstate, can I adopt?

Absolutely. Let us know you’re interstate and we’ll arrange a quote for travel. We recommend and use Dogtainers Cairns for the transport of our animals. All costs associated with the travel are the responsibility of the adopter.

Do I need to update the microchip registration?

All dogs are microchipped with Cairns Animal Rescue details initially. There is a transfer of microchip form included in your adoption pack, which will need to be lodged with the Australian Animal Registry (AAR).

Do I need to register them?

All dogs need to be registered with the local Council. There is a form included with your adoption pack.

Alternatively, as an approved rehoming agent for the Cairns Regional Council, Cairns Animal Rescue has been given the ability to complete and collect the animal registration fees associated with your adoption. The fees collected are donated to us by Cairns Regional Council.

What if we change our mind, or our situation changes?

We understand, sometimes things just don’t work out. We have a lifetime return policy. Please complete the Surrender form.

Can I get my dogs history?

Unfortunately we can only give you what we’ve got. Sometimes we are able to give some history when they’ve been surrendered, but often the dogs come from situations where we just don’t have any history on them.

Besides – it’s a new life, new beginnings – who needs to remember the past!

Adoption Contract